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Instructor Gerald Williams Jr.

Instructor Gerald Williams Jr. has been teaching martial arts in the Clifton Heights area for more than 10 years! His Karate classes for kids, teens & adults are fast paced, fun, educational and motivational. Expect exciting, high energy drills in every class. These drills are carefully designed to build: focus, discipline, respect, confidence, and motor and life skills. Self-confidence and self-discipline build gradually and helps to lay a strong foundation that will be applied to academics, sports, work and social settings.

Approximately 60% of our school is families. Respect between students and an instructor is critical to creating a safe, productive learning environment for everyone involved.

Appointments are required and may be scheduled by calling anytime. We offer family Programs! CALL NOW to see just how much fun martial arts training with family and new friends can be.

Tony Beaty

Dream Makers Elite Fitness invites you and young athletes like yourself to enjoy the benefits of skill enhancement, body mass improvement, agility and improving overall speed and explosiveness. It does not matter what sport you play...all of these concepts apply for any athlete.

Our 10,000 Square foot facility ( 3000sq ft is an indoor turf field ) provides an opportunity for many which enhances our program benefits.