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Frequently Asked Questions

We begin training as young as 4 years old, providing that the child is potty trained and will ask to use the restroom when needed.

Karate is a great benefit no matter what age you are starting and has many advantages no matter how old you are. We have had students in their 60’s enroll with us!

Our instructors realize that every student is different and has their own limitations, whether they be mental or physical. No matter what your limitation may be we guarantee that you can train with us! In the event of a serious physical handicap, our schools are prepared with safe alternative exercises to make sure that you can still participate in class.

Yes! We offer private lessons separate from regular training as well as individual training packages. They offer a great way to catch up on missed lessons and to sharpen your skills with one on one instruction.

We encourage our students to come to class at a minimum of 2 times per week. We understand that you have a busy schedule, so we make our schedule as flexible as possible. Once you are enrolled, you do not need to schedule classes in advance or dedicate yourself to a single night- you may come to classes as your schedule permits. 

Immediately! We know that you’re as excited as we are to begin training, and we don’t want to put a limit on that. We want to get you started with your first class, so make sure to call us today! (610)-996-KICK 


or visit us today

Karate Kickers Martial Arts Academy

300 E Madison Ave
Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania 19018